Thomas J. Fahey was born on January 20, 1973 in the war torn state of Massachusetts. He is the youngest of five children and the only son of immigrant parents. Life in the outskirts of the Irish ghetto was difficult for Tom.

As a young boy Thomas excelled at sidewalk performing arts mastering such tricks as the invisible box and wowing the townsfolk with his amazing slight of hand three card Monty . As time passed Thomas found himself running with a dangerous crowd and after a tragic turn of events during an illegal rabbit foot sale Thomas ended up with a bullet to the back (gunman rumored to be Charlie Fontaine-still at large). Thomas found himself confined to a wheelchair. In a desperate attempt to find a cure Thomas traveled the world.

Thomas’s passion for the arts resurfaced during his travels as he found himself learning new and interesting painting techniques such as the flamingbrush and the 19 chambers of Voodoo mind tricks. While Tom traveled to New Guinea he learned the art of the leisure stick and when he reached Tibet he mastered the subconscious ability to work with abstract ideas and put them in a manipulative format.

Thomas has now returned to the United States to share his new found knowledge and artistic enlightenment in his attempt to save the modern art world.

Contact Tom at tom@tomfaheygallery.com

"Always Paint for the children."
--Tom Fahey